Naturally Dyed Cotton Onesie Size S


Originally plain white unitard (95% cotton with 5% spandex), scoured, mordanted, dipped in vinegar, bundle-dyed with a bouquet of fresh flowers.  After the light colors set to create a unique texture, the piece was scrunched up and set with many rubber bands for an avocado dye bath and then 10 bowls of different natural dye colors were poured over it to add more texture to the finished look.  

The pink metallic foil and the gems were added on with heat as finishing touches.  They will fade out and fall away.  

Care instructions:  Avoid excessive direct sunlight; wash in delicate setting or by hand in cold water separately; colors may fade over time as they are all natural dyes. 

Collections: Casa De Kimono, Yoga Threads

Type: Yoga Threads