Arabian Queen Kimono 74


Veiled, the Arabian Queen graciously entered the ballroom where her guests from India waited to greet her.  She opened her arms showing off her kimono sleeves as she approached the guests dressed in beautiful sarees.  In excitement, the Queen, abruptly did a 360 swirl, and remarked, 'This kimono is made of one Indian sari, all 6 meters, now all here comfortably on my body!'  Of course, it was the Queen's way to offer her guests respect towards their culture while inadvertently expressing her unique worldview.  They hugged and sat down for their first drink.  

Circa 4th-5th Generation in the kimono line handmade by Exquisitely*Joy tailors.  All kimonos designed as wearable art for use in meditation, rituals, and beyond.  One and only.

Please Hand-Wash in Cold Water or Dry Clean Only.  Steam only when necessary.


Our conscious luxury kimonos, kaftans, capes, capelets, and jumpsuits are sustainable, employ a zero-waste principle, and are made fair trade of vintage, up-cycled, end-of-rolls, eco-certified fabrics, and natural materials.  See our sustainability statement at the bottom of the website for more information.  

Collections: Women's Long Kimono

Type: Kimono