Coral Queen Sequin Kimono 50


She is an alien underwater queen and reigns the world of the endangered coral specimens.  To rejuvenate and update her genetic programming, she ventures out every year to the extreme dry desert (also called the Playa or Home) in her protective kimono skin.  

Circa 7th Generation in the kimono line handmade by Exquisitely*Joy tailors.  All kimonos designed as wearable art for use in meditation and rituals.  Very limited edition.  This kimono comes with a detachable hoodie to create a cape-like look.  Materials include sequins, lace, organza, plastic horn button.  Only 3 ever made so far.  Maximum 2 nos. available for order only.  Due to Covid, lead time could be 4-6 months.  DM to place order please.


Our slow luxury kimonos, kaftans, capes, capelets, and jumpsuits are sustainable, employ a zero-waste principle, and are made fair trade of vintage, up-cycled, eco-fabrics, and natural materials.  See our sustainability statement at the bottom of the website for more information.  


Type: Kimono