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The Kimonos are unique, well-made, durable, versatile and stylish pieces, always happy and fun to wear them.

Maria Yatriki | Mexico City & Tel Aviv | Founder of Sacbe, Inner Refuge, and Akbal Camp

aztec shaman *kimono

Summer in Malibu

*model:  Lauren Bonner, actress, model, body-positive artist

*photographer:  Nicholas Kalikow, film producer, director, camera connoisseur

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The Kimono is more than just an outfit now. It's beautiful, makes me feel truly elegant, and connected to how I move when I'm wearing it. I am one with my kimono. I like to keep it hanging in my room, it doubles as a perfect art piece that hangs high from my wardrobe door, and keeping me company when I'm alone.

Zed | London & India | Global Creative

rose *quartz dragonfly *kimono

Behind the Scene

*model:  Jessica Branson, yogini, acrobat, wellness ambassador

*photographer:  Tony Rocco, fitness/fine art/boudoir image specialist

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Joy's Kimonos are highly addictive  - what a selection!!  Each design very unique - the feel of the fabric is pure bliss - when entering Joy's Universe, you might run into the situation where you simply cannot make up your mind and end up having to buy them all!!  You might even end up going to the office wearing one!!  

Arthur Colarossi | NYC & Paris | Conscious Investor, Global Creative

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