Zero Waste - All kimono patterns are designed to minimize wastage.  Any remnant of fabric would be used to create new designs, patchwork, household goods, or babygirl kimonos. 

Fair Trade - We employ tailors based out of a Unesco Heritage Site in Vietnam and all wages are paid fairly. 

Slow Fashion - Each item takes approximately 9 months to complete from fabric selection and design to fabrication and quality control to documentation and ready for use.  We believe that slow fashion offers us higher quality because we intend each item we produce to be at heirloom quality. 

Eco-Conscious - Our main fabric selection comes from vintage fabric sourced globally and fabric producing countries.  Every piece of fabric sourced was carefully chosen with the intention to turn each into functional art.  Some fabrics are over 100 years old.  Some fabrics are actually Saris made in India.  We also use natural fabrics that are certified Eco and Sustainable.  

Packaging - Instead of creating new packaging, we re-use old plastic bags and insulation bags from Amazon.  The reason for this is that we need to protect the clothing from any moisture and potential mold.  We support re-using and re-cycling whenever the opportunity presents itself.