Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you make kimonos for men?

Absolutely!  Just look for 'Bromono' or 'Acromono' or 'Duster' - these are all designed for men - they are essentially unisex - our female clients also like the designs for men because they have a more 'relaxed' look.  

2.  You put a number at the end of the name, what does that number represent?

Majority of the kimonos were unique and then photographed in batches.  The number that followed the name of the kimono represented the sequence in the queue of photos.  So far, there were just about 350 kimonos uniquely made for this brand.   There were about 20 capes and capelets made to date.  

 3.  Where is the store located?

We have a space in Los Angeles where private appointment could be made for fitting.  Please email joykimono@exquisitelyjoy.com or dm on IG @joykimono

4.  When will the next pop up be?

We do not have any plan to host trunk shows or pop-up events in the near future.  However, when we do, we will announce it on our newsletter and on IG.  Please sign up to our newsletter or follow @joykimono on IG.

5.  Are there sizes to the kimonos?

Kimonos are made to be one size fits most.  Women in sizes XS-L would be able to find something to fit them because we have both fitted cuts and cuts designed to fit both men and women.  Men in sizes S-L would be able to find something also.  For customers (men and women) above 6’ tall, please send us an email for special pieces inquiry. 

6.  Is this a sustainable brand?

We strive to be as sustainable as we possibly could.  The brand began with only up-cycling antique and vintage kimonos.  We only worked with highly skilled tailors to create one item at a time by hand.  Each garment was quality controlled and overlooked personally by me and photographed and documented as an art piece.  We focused on sourcing unique fabrics from antique velvet to eco-certified materials around the globe.  We produced based on a strict Zero-Waste Principle where every remnant would be used for anything from a quilt to a face mask.  

7.  How do I place a custom order?

Coming soon!!  We are in the process of setting up this functionality online.

8.  How long will it take to ship?

Generally, item will be shipped within 1 week after order.  Please allow another week for the parcel to arrive.  In total, approximately 2 weeks.  If you would like expedited shipping, please send an email to us. 

9.  What’s your return policy?

As these items are all one-of-a-kind, we simply cannot accept returns once purchase was made and shipped.  We enforce a strictly NO RETURN NO REFUND policy.

We do our best to communicate with the customer of the fitting, the quality, and the sizing.  So, if you have any question about the color and the way it fits on the body, please reach out to us.  We are happy to answer any questions before you make the purchase.  It's also recommended to check out our FAQ section.  

Only under special circumstances, we would accept EXCHANGE to a different item for our customers.  In order to process an exchange, customer is requested to inform the shop (joykimono@exquisitelyjoy.com) within 7 days of receipt of the goods of the reason for exchange.  Acceptance to the request will be processed in 3 days.  Once accepted, customer is responsible to ship goods back at his or her own costs.  Only after the returned item is received will the shop dispatch the 'replacement' item(s).  Please note that acceptance of exchange is completely at our discretion.  We reserve the rights to turn down any request for exchange.  


10.  How do I care for the kimono?

Thanks for asking this question.  Since all our garments were handmade by tailors and each garment was made of a unique material, we did not create those care tag that most mass-produced garments had sewn at the seams.  So in case you have any doubt in how to care for the garment, please send us an email. 

We do have a few suggestions:

For silk garments, you are welcome to dry clean them or hand wash them cold and air dry them. 

For cotton, chiffon, charmeuse, and eco-certified fabrics, you could actually put them into a laundry garment bag and wash them in the washing machine in Delicate mode.

For upcycled and antique kimonos, please take them to a dry cleaning place and request to dry clean them as doctor’s robe.   

In general:

  • Hand wash in cold water or dry clean
  • Lay flat to dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron
  • Store neatly folded 
  • Store in a moth-free environment

Please note that since it's a handmade garment, pieces can slightly vary in appearance and measurement.  We practice zero waste and our fabric was purchased piece by piece specifically for each product with minimum seams and wastage.  Each kimono takes about 7-9 months from material sourcing, design confirmation, production, quality control, to product documentation.  We work consistently with the same seamstresses and tailors in order to maintain quality with the intention to evolve and to grow together.  Each item is made with conscious intention, care, and love to result in maximum magic.  

11.  Do you do gift wrap?

We could provide gift wrap with extra charges.   

To protect  the garment from moisture, it would be put inside a reusable plastic bag.  We are in the process of replacing that with biodegradable plastic bag.  Our packaging are very simple because we avoid using single-use plastic or creating more waste.

12.  Can I buy a gift card?

Please email us in case you would like to purchase a gift card.