our *makers

Great tailoring forms the back bone of exquisite design and extreme sustainability in our brand.  Our tailors and seamstresses intimately contributes to the design process.  Every year, we strive to upgrade our designs in that process. 
Since 2015, we have been growing and evolving together.  
exquisitely*joy kimonos
high quality tailoring is the backbone of sustainability
Ah Tsung, me, and Stella
They are my co-creators in the prototype design. 
They are my wings.
high quality tailoring is the backbone of great design
Kylie, me, and Hannah
They co-create magic with me.  
They are my right hand and left hand.
Sara Tiara, the Master Headdress Maker, and me
She makes almost all my headdresses.
They were used at the NYFW.
Misty, the Couture Corsetry Master, and me
She handmade all the corsets as seen in my show at NYFW. 
Her work is beautiful, edgy, and extremely comfortable.
Liz Spencer, the Master Dyer
She taught me how to dye with plants, bundle dyeing, and eco-printing.
Sophie Cochevelou, the Sustainable Jewelry Trendsetter
I fell in love with her craft in making jewelry and unique up-cycled clothing.
She accessorized three of my original kimonos for the NYFW.
(this kimono is one of the three)
I am a big fan of her dinosaur and barbie jewelry.