*Joy Kimono Magic For Your Unique Rituals

*Joy Kimono Magic For Your Unique Rituals

February 28, 2017

"Kimono = Magic… everytime I put it on… Magic flows."  

- Ale, @aleavolar, Founder of Chalananda, Mexico

If Yoga is the parent I never had, then Summit Series, AcroYoga, Burning Man, and Wonderfruit are my ever-expanding global family.  Since the last private viewing, I have been to Summit at Sea out of Miami, did an intentional photoshoot with @dagenwalker in Sacramento, played at Solunar Immersion in Guadalajara, Mexico, popped up at Sacbe and Mayan Sacbe in Tulum, completed AcroYoga Teacher Training in Bangkok, and went deep in my teaching at the Wonderfruit Festival in Chonburi, Thailand, where I met @exithamster and did a spontaneous shoot with @rainbowacroyoga, climbing all over Asiola, the Wonderkar funded through Kickstarter. 

My (healing) work gave me roots to weave through these communities at the level of spirit.   Every time I wore one of my kimonos, a conversation, verbal or nonverbal, would take place and something magical would organically unfold.  My kimono became a storyteller, a dreamweaver, and a ritual attire that connected unique intentional conscious communities all over the world.  

The image you see above came from an 8-page spread of the print magazine iMirage's launch issue, titled 'Express Yourself', published on February 16, 2017.  With irrevocable dedication, @klaralandrat, the multi-talented goddess, who is a model, designer, brand owner, and actress, created the first stepping stone that made me a designer and a model the fashion world acknowledges.  Please follow her @klaralandrat and her brand story @therubzzoriginal.  

This invitation offers you the unique opportunity to purchase your own ritual attire, a kimono made with conscious intention by Exquisitely*Joy.  And this time, I opened up the portal to a range of sari kimonos.  Each One Unique.  

Please enter the site using password 'KIMONOMAGIC'.  The site is accessible using this password from March 1-15, 2017 Hong Kong Time.  Please feel free to directly message me at joykimono@exquisitelyjoy.com if you are interested in custom order.  Like my page exquisitely*joy on Facebook or follow me @joykimono to find out more.  

I hope to see you all again somewhere in time.