...From an early age I liked to mix and match fashion elements. I love all kinds of traditional clothing and tribal fashion. For some reason, I naturally understood them and knew how they could be worn and began to wear fashion items that were unique, high in quality and design...then I became an architect.   

I appreciate structure and balance, which, of course, help in making clothes... and I wanted to create clothes for someone like me who loves life in all the ways, colors, shapes, and forms. I wanted to create fashion that is timeless, versatile, and comfortable. I wanted to create one outfit that could turn into many outfits so that "less is really so much more".

Upcycled, vintage kimono with sleeves like the wings of a beautiful swan was the first signature item in this fashion line. With a team of highly skilled tailors and seamstresses, we carefully re-engineer and modernise one kimono at a time. My hope is to preserve the unique quality of each piece like a piece of wearable art. I used the remaining fabric to make bags, purses, cushion cases, and belts. For homeware, I turn obi sash into yoga bolsters aka storage solutions. Each yoga bolster cover was the storage solution for your extra towels, pillows, and or comforters… The extra fabric was turned into clutch, iPad case or a pencil case. "Nothing is ever lost".

With the vision of an architect combining my passions in yoga, healing, art and fashion, I intend to create fashion that connects with the exquisite quality of our true selves with the DNA of extreme sustainability.- *joy