Aztec Shaman Kimono 202


Circa 4th Generation in the kimono line handmade by Exquisitely*Joy tailors.  All kimonos designed as wearable art for use in meditation and rituals.  Very limited edition.

This chiffon fabric can be machine washed in delicate setting.  Please put inside a laundry garment bag to protect the length of the fabric.  Just allow it to air dry after washing.  Of course, hand-wash in cold is also fine.  Steam only when necessary.


Our slow fashion kimonos, kaftans, capes, capelets, and jumpsuits are sustainable, employ a zero-waste principle, and are made fair trade of vintage, up-cycled, eco-fabrics, and natural materials.  See our sustainability statement at the bottom of the website for more information.  


Collections: Women's Long Kimono

Type: Kimono